Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sketchbook ideas

Water, Paper, Paint by Heather Smith Jones

More printing materials...

  • Kitchen roll & toilet roll
  • Thread! For the wood grain
  • Styrofoam... Plain and marked.
Try monotype (page 109)

Use contact paper to mask areas (page 83)

Sketchbook ideas...

Ideas from Sketchbook Challenge By Sue Bleiweiss

Adding background colour

  • After painting something, offload any extra paint onto blank sketchbook pages...
  • ...embellish further with bubblewrap, cling film, tissue papers or indeed printing that paper onto another sheet.
  • Look into spray inks and use them with stencils
  • Paint papers using a brayer. Squeeze paint onto a surface in squiggles place paper on top and roll over with a brayer. Lift off and let it dry. Repeat with more paper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I've taken some rubbings of the platform. And I wanted to explore the lines of the wood grain further.

A simple back stitch would be effective here.
I also experimented with masking fluid...


I think I'd like to explore this further... Maybe take more time to apply the masking fluid more finely.


Grass 2

Bubble wrap prints with thick paint...


Great texture! Need to take some rubbings of these!

Colour study 1

I have started a colour study in my sketchbook. Firstly using paint and collage, glued onto a large sketch of the platform.

I couldn't resist some photo manipulation as I found the coloured squares very interesting!


I love the boldness of this version... I always find black and white very appealing. However by applying some abstract filters I created this version...


A very different colour scheme from the original photo! Love the contrasting colours.

This is a very different effect. Perhaps a truer reflection if the original photo... A more muted colour scheme.

I think I would like to explore these colour studies more... Perhaps printing on fabric with stitching on top...



I've started an exploration of the grass beneath the platform...

This includes trying to cut a stamp... This needs extra work!


Tried some paper weaving...


These papers were cut from a gardening magazine. This provided lots of texture.


I love this manipulated photo using grunge filters in my editing software.


The colours now look very dramatic and the surface texture very interesting... Holes, crinkles and an almost burnt effect.

I think I'd like to try applying paint to grass and taking a print of that... Need a dry day though!


Oops... Lost my way

It has been a while... Not sure why, except other things have been more important and then I got out the habit... Especially documenting what I'm doing...


So, to recap. I'm using this surface as my inspiration...


So far I have started a colour study and explored the texture of the surface and the grass beneath. I've taken some rubbings and tried out some printing... I've also been playing about with the photographs.


Large prints, 8"x 10", cut and reassembled...