Monday, August 20, 2012

Rubbings 1

I started my exploration by taking some rubbings of the surface using wax crayon, pencil and charcoal.
The grain of wooden surface was quite rough in parts... Knots in the wood and the rusty screw heads added extra interest. I also liked the void created between the planks. This was not immediately obvious in the original photo as the grass beneath it made it seem quite flat and 2 dimensional.

Some patterns emerged within the grain... Some undulating others thick and thin.


I like the boldness of the charcoal rubbing. And the wax resist worked quite well too.

This background was created using the edge of board dipped in black paint and stamped across the pages. The spots were a happy accident... Like screw heads.

Repeated rubbings over the screw heads was interesting too...



And led to this bubble wrap print... A background for further work in my sketchbook.



Some wax crayon rubbings of the knots.... interesting shapes to stitch.


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